Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Love Story and a Love Song

I am one of the lucky people. I have a few good friends who see me, the true me. Through their eyes I am more than I ever imagined.

They look at me and see a woman who can sing. Who can write songs. Who is a true and dedicated friend. Who is fun (who, me?). Who is carefree. Who makes them laugh. Who is compassionate. Who listens.

There must be something wrong with their vision! I spend most of my time afraid. I tear up songs in fits of frustration and toss them in the fire. I’m awkward and clumsy socially. I blurt out stupid stuff all the time. I’m frozen in place by indecision, sure that any decision I make will be the wrong one.

I tell myself this is who I am, that my friends don’t know me. I am not the person they think they see. But what if …

What if there is something to what they see? What if I could do these things? What if I could be this person? What if …

Some people see right to our hearts and souls. They don’t see, or at least they don’t focus on our weird little quirks and defensive behaviors. They see the stripped down, childlike person we once were. The one who sang at the top of her lungs. The one who wrote silly songs with no agony or judgment. The one who made spontaneous decisions and had no regrets.

The simple fact that they see us, the true us, frees us to become our deepest, bravest, most creative, delightful selves.

If you are a person who looks at others through Beautiful Eyes, thank you. You have surely set people free to, once again, show their greatness. I am filled to the brim with gratitude for the men, women and children who have put me on a better path by helping me see, and be, the best that’s in me.

This song, Beautiful Eyes, is dedicated to all the people who see us through their beautiful eyes.

Beautiful eyes, see to the heart of me
Beautiful eyes, see to the soul of me
Beautiful eyes, find only the good in me
Your beautiful eyes see me, free me, to be me

Enjoy a free download of Beautiful Eyes

Happy Valentine’s Day and much love every day,

Dawnya Clarine