Friday, July 9, 2010

Offering and Accepting

I have a good friend, Dee, who called her neighbor, Rae, who is getting married in a few weeks.

Dee called to offer the use of her stunning home as a place to host wedding guests. (Rae’s wedding is in her yard and it is way off the beaten path).

Seems Dee was going to be out of town during the wedding and thought Rae might just need some extra rooms and possibly refrigerator space after the party. Her house will just be sitting there. And it’s so close to the Wedding.

Dee left a message on Rae’s machine a couple of times. “Hey give me a call when you have a chance.”

Rae called back about a week later. She had put off calling because she was apprehensive that the call might be about some difficulties that had come up with some new members of the neighborhood. (Just what Rae needed on top of all the wedding plans).

When Dee made the offer of her home for Rae’s use, Rae was overwhelmed.

“My fiancĂ©e’s best friend from college just called and wants to come. We were so excited, but we had no idea where we would put them. I was afraid they weren’t going to make it if we didn’t find a place for them to stay,” said Rae. “It’s like this miracle just dropped out of the sky. This is just perfect.”

A big smile on each end of the phone.

Offering and accepting.

A perfect gift for both.

When we allow someone to give to us, often that provides the giver something vitally important toward being the kind of person they want to be.

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