Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Around the Bend

I just got back from camping at the St. Joe River in North Idaho. Note to self: An air mattress, with two people, just doesn’t cut it. If Tim moved at all, I mean if the guy breathed, it caused a ruckus on my side. I had to hold on for dear life to stay on board. Must have been the same for him because when I suggested separate mats next time, he said, “maybe separate tents.” Looks like the sleeping arrangements need a little work.

First morning I took a hike while Tim got settled in at his fishing spot. I wandered up a creek that feeds into the Joe. Around the first bend, grey headed cone flowers that were at least six feet tall. The next curve opened to a small meadow of Indian Paintbrush, St. John’s Wort, wild Lupine and Phlox. Stunning!

Because of the twists and turn of the path, I could never see what was coming next. I couldn’t see what awaited me until I was on it. A small waterfall, ripe wild raspberries (yum), a hillside covered with flat, red rocks, one of which was shaped like a heart. Around every bend something new, delightful, perfect.

On my trip back, I was thinking how not knowing what came next was exhilarating, seemed to make everything more vibrant and alive. Just like life.

When I am willing to be surprised, to let life unfold, to let go of control (hey, we never truly have it anyway) life is perfect.

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