Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Me, Me, Me – A Lesson From My Cat

Modine, the large, grey cat I belong to, never says meow. He sticks with the first syllable, me.

Me, me, me. That’s all he ever says. No apologies, uh uh.

Most of us see that as selfish, maybe even bordering on rude. We were raised to think of others, to give, to focus out.

Well, yes, that’s true. But I’ve been spying on Modine, and I think he’s onto something.

When he is tired, he sleeps.

When he is curious, he watches.

When he’s hungry, he eats.

When he needs help, he asks for it, “meeee”

When the sun is shining, he finds a nice patch of sunlight and stretches out to enjoy it.

When he wants love, he gives it.

When he’s feeling playful, he plays.

And, when he’s tired, he sleeps. (yes, I did already say this but you know cats).

What if, even for a few minutes a day, we were more like Modine? What if we twirled if we felt like twirling, clapped our hands along with the music, drove fast on that cool spot in the road while shouting woo hoo, walked away from the computer and stretched out in a patch of sunlight? Would that make us selfish? I don’t think so. I think we would have and be more fun and be more at peace. We would be more whole and have more to give.

I’m being the cat, “meeee”.


Listen to He’s A Cat, if you like sassy jazzy tunes.


  1. great thoughts. does opening my blinds count? :)