Friday, June 4, 2010

The surprising truth about what motivates us

A while back, a group of friends and I were discussing our need, not just a want but a passionate need, to do something that matters. To put good into the world.

I assumed this need to make a positive contribution was due largely to the age of the folks in the group, all 40+. And, that we were all well into our careers and have had positions, at one time or another, that were for an economic good, rather than the common good of people. It seems that my assumptions about what drives our need to do good was a bit off the mark.

According to Dan Pink's animated video, Drive, as the days of top-down management are winding down, and the era of innovative, creative thinking across organizations is upon us, people of all ages everywhere are motivated by giving, accomplishing, doing good stuff - and all without monetary incentive or reward.

When you have 10 minutes, watch Dan's video and let me know you thoughts. Dawnya

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